Marlin University FAQs

Q: What is included in the cost of a Marlin University class?

A: Marlin University provides an all-inclusive package that covers of all your basic expenses from the moment you walk out of the airport. Tuition includes all meals, charter boats, professional instruction, seminars, accommodations, and airport transfers. Your only concerns are your own airline transportation to the destination, any applicable duties and taxes, and personal expenses.

Q: How much does a Marlin University trip cost?
A: The trip cost varies by location.


Q: What will I learn at Marlin University?

A: Our instructors deliver a comprehensive course on all aspects of prepping for, locating, hooking, fighting and landing billfish. Each Marlin University trip includes hands-on, personalized, side-by-side instruction in blue-water conditions. Learn how to: Fish every day like it's a tournament. Rig different baits and lures. Set your trolling spread. Use proper wiring and gaffing techniques. Tag and release the catch properly. Use a lever drag reel and free-spool. Eliminate common mistakes. Plan your fishing day ahead of time.

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Q: What sort of experience do I need to participate in a Marlin University class?

A: You do not need to be an experienced fisherman to participate in Marlin University. Our instructors are there to teach you whether you are a novice, a weekend fisherman or a tournament angler. In fact, most students catch their first billfish at Marlin University!

Q: Do I need to bring my own fishing equipment?

A: No. Our charter boats are outfitted with the latest in fishing tackle. However, if you have your own gear you would like to try out you may bring it along.

Q: What is a typical Marlin University itinerary?

A: Upon arrival at the destination, take time to check in and relax. We meet for dinner that evening. Breakfast is served each morning before heading out fishing from 7 AM – 4 PM. Lunch is served onboard. Dinner and seminars take place each evening.

Q: Who are the Marlin University instructors?

A: Our professional instructors share their knowledge, experience and passion for fishing with you.


Q: Where can I view testimonials from Marlin University students?


Q: Does Marlin University offer discounts or group rates?

A: Yes! Book a group of four or more friends to Marlin University and receive a $300 discount for each person. Marlin University graduates receive special alumni discounts.

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Q: Does Marlin University offer gift certificates?

A: Yes! Marlin University makes a great holiday, anniversary or birthday gift. We’ll even gift-wrap it for you!

Q: Should I purchase travel insurance?

A: Travel Insurance is recommended to protect your investment. Marlin University does not represent any travel insurance companies, but here are a few options:

Global Rescue (800/381-9754)
Travel Guard International (800/826-4919)
Travel Insured International (800/243-3174)
Travelex Insurance Services (888/457-4602)

Q: Can I bring a non-fishing guest to Marlin University?

A: Yes. The guest fee is $1750 and covers your guest’s meals, accommodations and airport transfers. Fishing is not included.

Q: Is there an age limit for the Marlin University angler?

A: We do accept Marlin U anglers as young as 12 years old.

Q: How do I get more information?


Call Marlin University Director Jennifer Dudas at 407-533-0123.

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Photo Credit: Hannes Ribbner